Full publication from U.S. registry now available, highlighting the Role of Blue Light Cystoscopy in Detecting Invasive Bladder Tumor

Published: 12 October 2021Medical Information

Photocure, The Bladder Cancer Company, announces the full study publication by Hamed Ahmadi et al "Role of Blue Light Cystoscopy in Detecting Invasive Bladder Tumor: Data from Multi-Institutional Registry", in the British Journal of Urology this month. This Photocure U.S. registry publication focusing on invasive lesions was first presented as an abstract at the AUA 2020 meeting.

The study objective was to evaluate the role of blue light cystoscopy (BLC®) in detecting invasive tumors that were not visible with white light (WL) cystoscopy.
The authors used the multi-institutional Cysview registry database, identifying patients who had at least one white light negative/blue light positive lesion, with invasive pathology (≥T1).

Key study results included: Of the 3514 lesions (1257 unique patients), 818 (23.2%) lesions were only detected under blue light (BL). Of those, 55 (7%) lesions were invasive (47 unique patients) including 28/55 (51%) newly diagnosed invasive lesions (26 unique patients).

The authors conclude: "A considerable proportion of invasive lesions are only detectable by BL cystoscopy and rate of pathologic upstaging is significant. Our findings suggest an additional benefit of BL cystoscopy in detection of invasive bladder tumors that has implications for treatment approach."

Read the full study results here.

The Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview® Registry (Clinicaltrials NCT02660645) is the largest bladder cancer registry in the U.S. It has enrolled more than 2000 patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) since 2014, aiming at over 4000 patients, and is continuing to add more sites and generate data. The registry's purpose is to generate longitudinal, real-world evidence on the value of Blue Light Cystoscopy in the management of NMIBC, from patients who have received this treatment as an adjunct to white light cystoscopy. Sponsored by Photocure, the Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview Registry intends to add to the body of evidence supporting the procedure, with key objectives to produce more data and additional insights into Blue Light with Cysview including its impact on long-term clinical and patient-reported outcomes.

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