Interview: Simplifying Existing Procedure Eases Market Penetration for Photocure

Published: 7 October 2012

President and CEO Kjetil Hestdal discusses the company's photodynamic technology harnessed in Hexvix® and Allumera®. Hexvix®, branded as Cysview® in the U.S., aids in cystoscopy procedures for bladder cancer.

Photocure already has a market penetration of 30% in the Nordic region, says Hestdal, and hopes to replicate that in the 230,000 procedures performed annually in the United States. He discusses the company’s dermatological product Allumera® and details research on Phase II acne treatment Visonac®, which he says has shown good efficacy and comparable results to existing oral antibiotics, though without some of the negatives:
Interview with Kjetil Hestdal

The conversation includes development expectations for 2013 and 2014 and partnership details for the company, as well as the company’s capital structure.

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