Hexvix blue-light cystoscopy has no budget impact on the lifetime costs

Published: 1 September 2015

A newly published article in BJUI shows that incorporating HAL- blue-light cystoscopy in trans-urethral bladder tumor resection for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer patients has no budget impact on the lifetime costs of managing bladder cancer patients in Sweden relative to white-light cystoscopy.

The analysis shows that, even with conservative estimates of clinical effectiveness, a single Hexvix instillation for each patient is likely to be cost neutral or cost negative over 5 years, compared with white-light cystoscopy. Furthermore, Hexvix is likely to be associated with clinical benefits such as a reduction in bladder cancer recurrence, fewer surgical resections, and an increase in quality of life for patients.

Per-Uno Malmström, Professor of Urology at Uppsala University, Sweden, said: “Bladder cancer is often an expensive cancer to manage, because there is a high risk of recurrence and some patients progress to more severe disease. Hexvix improves initial diagnosis and management, leading to a reduced risk of recurrence. As a result it can lessen the burden of disease on patients as well as relieving the pressures on the healthcare system, without increasing overall costs.”

Gregers Hermann, Chief Urologist at Frederiksberg Hospital, Copenhagen University, Denmark, said: “This research provides reassurance that the increased upfront costs of Hexvix are offset by a reduction in downstream costs associated with disease recurrence. Payers and clinicians now have an additional argument to support the use of Hexvix blue-light cystoscopy in patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer.”

Read more at: BJU International 2015

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