Focus on Cevira®: Review article published in Expert Opinion of Investigational Drugs

Published: 10 December 2014

Review article highlights Cevira® as a promising tissue sparing alternative to observation and surgical procedures in patients with cervical precancerous lesions

A review paper on the use of Cevira in patients with oncogenic HPV and cervical epithelial neoplasia was recently published in Expert Opinion of Experimental Drugs (EOID) by three leading gynecologists from Europe and US.

The authors stated that there is an urgent clinical need for a non-surgical alternative to patients with cervical precancerous lesions, due to the increased risk of morbidity associated with the current surgical procedures especially relevant in women of reproductive age. From reviewing all available data on Cevira, they concluded that Cevira has the potential to address the medical need for a safe tissue-preserving treatment of persistent HPV infections and CIN, treating the entire portio of the cervix while maintaining cervical competence. They also stated that with the new integrated device Cevira may become a practical option for outpatient treatment and that it is very likely that physicians will prescribe this treatment avoiding many of the side effects related to excision and ablation.

The review article published in Expert Opinion of Investigational Drugs can be viewed at or at

Cevira® is in development as a treatment for cervical persistent oncogenic human papilloma virus (HPV) infections and precancerous lesions. Selectively targeting the diseased area, Cevira® will be a treatment modality aiming to preserve the competence of the cervix, an improvement over surgical procedures frequently used today.

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