Enhanced cystoscopy (BLC™ with Cysview®) has an important role in the management of bladder cancer patients

Published: 8 October 2018

New data on Urine Cytology in the management of bladder cancer patients is now published in the prestigious peer reviewed BJUI journal (British Journal of Urology International). The analysis shows that relying on Cytology alone, especially for high risk patients, would miss early detection and BCG unresponsiveness in NMIBC (non-muscle invasive bladder cancer).

The results are from further analysis of three published phase III studies. The analysis is of 1487 urine samples from 1375 patients, overall 615 tumors were detected correlating to 41% of the cytological specimens. Click here http://bit.ly/BLC-Urine-Cytology for the full the article.

"Based on analysis of contemporary data, the sensitivity of cytology for detecting High Grade and CIS (carcinoma in situ) tumors remains low. The data supports the use of enhanced cystoscopy techniques, such as BLC with Cysview, which I now use for both the surveillance and TURBT in many of my patients," says Dr. Yair Lotan, Urology Professor Helen J. and Robert S. Strauss Professorship in Urology at University of Texas, South Western (UTSW) and lead author on the publication.

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